3 Cups
Salt (to taste)
1 ½ Tbs
Anton’s Mieliepap
2 ¼ Cup

Add Water and Salt to a pot filling it no more than halfway to the top. Place the pot on the Range (Stove) top with the heat set to approximately 50% of the power. Once the water in boiling (5 – 10 min) remove water from the Range and set the Range heat to simmer i.e. between 5% and 10% power.

Add the Mieliepap and stir thoroughly with a large fork ensuring all clots are broken up and removed.

Place back on the Range for approximately 18 min or until the Mieliepap is cooked. Rest 5 min after removing from the heat.

Add Anton’s Tomato & Onion Relish on top and Serve!

This cooking time in this recipe is based on using Anton’s Mieliepap. Iwisa (and other brands) might have longer cooking times but the principal when preparing pap will remain the same.

As with all things good and tasty, this recipe works best with ingredients from Anton’s. Use our Mieliepap to create this dish.


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